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Web Development Tutorial Series - HTML Basics - Part III

Hello All, in our last post "Web Development Tutorial Series - HTML Basics - Part II" we learned about basic html tags. Today we will learn Heading and Separator tags used for basic formatting.

We can use 6 types of heading tags from H1 to H6, all have different effects and visibility on page. As per SEO recommendation we should use H1, H2 & H3 tags at least once in web page.


<H1>This is HEADER 1 tag.</H1>

<H2>This is HEADER 2 tag.</H2>

<H3>This is HEADER 3 tag.</H3>

<H4>This is HEADER 4 tag.</H4>

<H5>This is HEADER 5 tag.</H5>
<H6>This is HEADER 6 tag.</H6>

Separator plays important role in formatting of content and can be used in several ways. There are mainly 3 types of Separator tags that are being used in most of cases i.e.

Paragraph Break: <P> -- This tag formats content in paragraph form.

Line Break: <BR/> -- This tag gives a line break.

Horizontal Rule: <HR> -- This line prints a Horizontal line in a page.

Whats Next?

In our next post we will be explaining about using List Tags (Bullet Points) on a web page.

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