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Essential keyboard shortcuts for Windows users

You are browsing the Internet, drafting a word document, calculating your expenses on Excel sheet or reading important information on a webpage. We use lot of keyboard shortcuts to solve our purpose on Windows computer i.e. copying and pasting content, maximizing or minimizing windows, or switching between different tabs.

We use lots of keyboard keys and mouse combination and
try to easy and fast navigation on our computer. And we don't realize that there are lots of keyboard shortcuts available for us to navigate and functions very fast, which can help save time by reducing use of keys and mouse clicks.

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Below are few basic keyboard shortcuts that every Windows user should know:

Minimize all open windows and show the desktop : 'Windows logo key' + D

Minimise the window : 'Windows logo key' + 'Down Arrow'

Maximise the window : 'Windows logo key' + 'Up Arrow'

Compare and contrast in a snap : 'Windows logo key' + 'Left Arrow' / 'Right Arrow'

Switch between open windows : Alt + Tab

Lock your PC or switch users : 'Windows logo key' + L

Zoom in, zoom out : 'Windows logo key' + 'Plus Sign' / 'Minus Sign'

Search for files and folders : 'Windows logo key' + F

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Undo an action in an document : Ctrl + Z

Redo immediate after undo in an document : Ctrl + Y

Copy a selected item : Ctrl + C

Cut a selected item : Ctrl + X

Paste a selected item : Ctrl + V

Select everything : Ctrl + A

Search for word / term within document : Ctrl + F

Print document : Ctrl + P

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