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Most useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

We have listed few most important shortcuts which every Windows user should know from the beginning.

1. Windows Logo + W – Close the Active Window
If you don’t want to quit an application but just want to close the active file/window, simply hit Windows Logo + W.

2. Windows Logo + TAB – Switch between open applications

If you quickly want to switch between open applications, simply hit Windows Logo + TAB.

3. Windows Logo + F – Search and find files/folders
If you want to find specific files/folders in windows, just hit Windows Logo + F on your keyboard to launch the Find and Replace window. Where within search field on let top side you can enter files/folders name to find.

4. Windows Logo + M / D – To minimize all opened windows
Often, we opens several files and applications while working on something important and minimizing windows one by one becomes very hectic task. By hitting Windows Logo + M, we can minimize all the opened windows and de-clutter our screen. This can also be achieved by hitting Windows Logo + D. Difference between both is that Win-logo+M just minimizes all applications, in-spite Win-logo+D also has ability to restore applications back on screen.

5. Windows Logo + L – To Lock your user account
To Lock your user account immediately, without being asked to confirm, hit Windows Logo + L.

We wish you all the best!!!
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