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Web Development Tutorial Series - HTML Basics - Part II

Hello All, in our last post "Web Development Tutorial Series - HTML Basics - Part I" we learned about web page and html. Today we will learn about basic html tags without which a webpage cannot be generated.

HTML tag: 
HTML tag is main tag which defines content type of page. Any content which needs to be published on a web page needs to be places within opening and closing of HTML tag. For example: <HTML> ...all contents needs to be placed here like <HEAD> and <BODY> tags... </HTML>. 
HTML tag contains mainly two sections, HEAD and BODY.

HEAD tag:
HEAD tag is also called as header tag. Any information which is important for identification of document/web page by human or search engines needs to be defined in this section only. For example if we want to tell readers what our page is about then we use TITLE tag within opening and closing of HEAD tag like <HEAD> <TITLE> ...Title of web page is brief information about what is available on page... </TITLE> </HEAD>.
Title is visible on top of a browser. Any reference to CSS (cascading style sheet), Java script, Meta Description, keywords and other third party url's which are being called to optimize look and feel or functionality of web page needs to be explained here only.

BODY tag:
BODY tag is mainly content container for any web page. All information which we want to display needs to be placed here. In brief, everything visible on screen is published here within opening and closing of BODY tag.

What's Next?
In our next post we will be explaining about tags using which one can beautify content on a web page.

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