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Web Development Tutorial Series - HTML Basics - Part I

Learning new technologies and upgrading yourself is much more important in this competitive life. We are continuously working to improve our self so that we should be able to train peoples in a way that they can beat competition by learning new technologies easily. 

Moving a step forward we have started on line training with rich contents to make learning easy. We have started
complete series of web development tutorials. If you want to learn web development but don't know how to start with, then we are here to help you.

Before starting we should know few basic things about web and web development. Without this information one can never develop best of his/her.

What is Web Page?
A hypertext document which is connected to World Wide Web or we can say a document which is published online using web technologies like HTML is called a web page. Webpage can be viewed online over internet using a web browser on any computer, Tablet or on Mobile. A web page can be written using HTML or any other compatible markup language. A typical webpage has hyperlinks (or links), navigation bar (navigation menu), images and some other stuffs.

  A web page is typically of two types, static web page and dynamic web page. Static web page is published as it is stored but dynamic web page is generated using web applications. 

What is HTML?
HTML is short form of Hyper Text Markup Language. One can create HTML documents using markup tags called HTML tags. Each markup tag has different functionality and describes different type of content.

What's Next?
In our next post we will be explaining about start with tags using which one can start creating/developing web pages.

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