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What is web design and web development ?

Web design and web development, interesting and confusing. If you ask me to answer this question as a normal human being then, my answer will be these are same. But as a professional my answer will be or you can say is different from the first one, yes you are right these are two different terms with a huge difference. In some cases you use these words interchangeably. The fact is that these two are completely different in terms, in tasks and in functionality.

Any website is divided in mainly two parts, front-end and back-end. We required both web designer and web developer to complete a website. Web designing or front-end is a process of designing the web pages using various tools like as Photoshop, Coral draw, Dreamweaver, expression web and few more tools. While web development or back-end makes a web design live for viewers using various programming platforms like PHP, ASP.net, and Java etc.

Web designers starts with HTML for preparing basic design of website. They use graphics to make design good looking, these days css based web layouts are much more popular. With the use of css you can create lot of combination in very short span of time. Web design created by web designer works as a reference for web developer. Web developers use design references to develop backend systems. They add functionality to website as required by client. Web developers handle all the database and backup process of a website.

Visitors like good web designs developed by web designers and friendly navigation and functionality of the website developed by web developer. Both web designer and web developers are equally important for developing a website. Web designer and web developers have to work in a team so that they develop an excellent website which retains the visitors and encourage them to visit again and again.

Lot of peoples in real world give an importance to web developers because they think that web developers are who develops the entire website, and don't even think about web designers. For developing a website both web designer and web developers are equally important. 

Web design and web development are two different terms with a huge difference. Web designer and web developer works jointly in a team to design front-end and back-end of a website. Only one can never develop a good looking website and friendly functionality.

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