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Tips to make Simple Web Design

Simplicity is Excellence, It can make anything great. In case of website simplicity rules, it makes a website feel light, reduced navigation doesn’t confuse and it helps achieving more in desired results. A simple web design can be achieved very easily while keeping few things in mind as the time of designing web page. Here I am explaining few things which a web designer should keep in mind at the time of working on a web design.

A website should contain only important information on it, obviously it is quite difficult to identify which information is important and which is not. This is because what we write seems all important to us. But designer and content writer has to identify important elements to be displayed on website and removing unwanted or unnecessary contents from website. This can be achieved by keeping goal and purpose of website in our mind. One should also focus on mainly 30% information on a website; because this 30% will get approximately 70% business and rest 70% will get approximately 25% only. This 30-70 concept can also be used to identify important information for a website.

After identifying important information for a website next step is to prepare quality content while limiting your number of pages. Normal visitor always look for quality information on any website if he/she does not get anything they are looking for or something interesting they will simply exit the p[age without interacting the page. Most visitors even don’t scroll a webpage if they don’t found something good on display. We should always keep in mind that website should contain quality content. Navigation of a website should also be simple and can be achieved by simplifying and reducing number of page. Pages which have similar or related contents can be merged to reduce page count. If I say for example "About us" and "Vision and Mission" need not to be two separate pages, as both information tells about organization and this information can be merged on a single page.

After reading the content someone gets impressed and he/she wants to connect you. But how he/she can? Most designers make this mistake while preparing their designs. Contact details of a website owner or of an organization should be displayed on every page of website so that someone needs not to search for contact details on a website. It should be visible form everywhere; we can use footer for adding contact detail on every page. Additionally we can add quick contact on header of every page. Providing these details will also help website to get more business leads.

Last, but not the least and above all other information’s explained above is color scheme of a web design. As discussed in my previous post (What do you mean by web design and web development) designing a color scheme for a website is the part of web designer. Web designer should keep in mind that a website should contain only 2 to 3 colors. Using different or bold colors unnecessarily will keep visitors away from your website and obviously business.

In short we should use only important information containing quality contents with simple navigation and few colors in a web design.

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