Sunday, September 4, 2016

Let's know The LTE / 4G devices that work on RELIANCE JIO network for data !!

RELIANCE JIO has eventually notched up everyone’s sense of requirement in a recent bash launch event by MR. MUKESH AMBANI in his 45 minutes speech which truly has revealed the RELIANCE JIO features that made every Indian more excited about this forthcoming option. 

The most prominent and promising feature announced by MR. MUKESH AMBANI can obviously is been FREE VOICE CALLS in India to any network!!  WOW A Bash ….!!! Isn’t it too much we often required? Making us running efficiently to RELIANCE JIO store without tying up our lace even. Wait there’s something interesting you should know before you owe yourself to buy a new RELIANCE JIO SIM. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Important and must remember DOS Commands

In today's world we are mostly dependent on computers, unlike old days now computer comes with latest operating systems. Microsoft Windows is one of the most user friendly operating system these days. GUI interface of Microsoft Windows is very good. We can perform most of our task using few clicks. But what happens when GUI interface of Windows fails to perform as required. There becomes very critical situation, but there is something which can help us to come out of the issue. And the answer is MS-DOS.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

What is a Syntax in Computer world?

In the current word we are mostly dependent on lots of electronic and electrical gadgets around us. Most of them runs on embedded software installed on their motherboard. Now the question should be how these software works? Let us explain this in detail.

In the Computer World each software runs on some kind of command, and parts of command referred as syntax. Syntax is nothing more then instructions specified in structured formats, also it can be referred as programming language that a software can understand.