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How to remove shortcut Trojan/Virus from USB/Hard Drives?

Today we are going to tell you an easy technique for removing the inborn shortcut Trojan/Virus from your hard drives, USB Drives, Memory Cards and/or other 
storage devices.

USB drives specially those which were partially used on shared computers or laptops at schools, internet cafe, hotels, etc are highly susceptible to contamination by viruses present on other devices. The most common and undergoing Virus is shortcut virus that initially creates many undesirable icons on the device. The hidden files/folders in these shortcuts really matters, as this is what you had stored on that USB/Hard drive and virus are preventing access to them.

Shortcut virus usually creates the shortcut of files and/or folders. So if you see such shortcut files in Computer or Pen drive then it is the sure signs that your computer or pen drive contains the stubborn shortcut virus. This is a kind of virus which will not be detected by normal antivirus.

Below are the simple tricks which helps you remove the shortcut Trojan/virus from the contaminated computer or USB/Hard drives. We can remove these shortcut virus easily by using the simple functionality of command prompt.

Follow these simple steps accordingly

Step 1. Open Command Prompt (CMD)
a. Press "Windows Logo Key + R" opens up Run dialogue box.
b. Type "CMD" and press enter.

Step 2. After opening command prompt type the following command
attrib <USB/Hard drive>:*.* /d /s -h -r -s

* Note:- <USB/Hard drive> - Refers the drive containing virus or shortcuts.
* If USB/Hard drive that contain Shortcuts is A-Drive, we needs to use the command like
attrib a:*.* /d /s -h -r -s

Step 3. Wait for sometime till the time above Command finishes the process. Upon successful completion all the shortcuts Trojan/virus would be removed from the USB/Hard drive.

Step 4. Above process will convert all shortcut files into normal files/folders or in some cases these may be completed removed from the disk drive. In case these hidden shortcuts does not converted into normal files/folders, then delete the undesired files manually from the storage drive but only and only after command process completes. We highly recommend that after removing shortcuts virus, copy the USB data to another disk drive or volume.

Step 5. Once completed, Format the USB/Hard drive and copy/move the data back into drive.


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