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Online Shopping is dying ?

Technology is growing very fast, and in last few years electronic devices like,Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops has shown a more then double digit in its growth. If we say we are much more dependent of these devices like never before. With this growth there is one more sector which is growing very fast these days and has shown almost 200% growth in last 2 years, which is eCommerce. But dead end of eCommerce era has been started by few eCommerce players in INDIA.

First we need to know what is eCommerce? eCommerce is Electronic Commerce which means a platform where we can sale or buy products over internet from the convenience of
home. There are lot of companies who are operating eCommerce business websites, few has shown very high growth, few are acquiring other small players, few are still struggling to standup in market, and few has left the competition. But in between someone has suffered a lot and these companies are just ignoring those and those are customers.
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If some manufacturer is operating its business through eCommerce website then its a good and positive sign for that company and definitely that will help to grow them. When eCommerce was started in India, there were few companies and there names were on tips of everyone, at that time they were directly purchasing from OEM's & Manufacturers and were supplying to their customers. At that time customers were really really satisfy with their products quality. But around 3 years back, one concept was introduced by these companies that was Multi Vendor, which means, any number of suppliers can sale any number of products or can say every vendor was able to sale same product at their own price.

This concept really has shown grown, but... it also has a negative side which will no one explain i.e. poor quality of products, worst customer support. All big players are using this concept and they charge a small amount amount of commission from vendors to raise their revenue. But in between they are not taking care of their customers, refunds are taking more then one month, replacement are not being given on time, quality of products is very poor and warranty is no where.

In last one year I tried to purchase one headphone which fits my budget and have a good quality. No one believes, I raised reverse pickup request of those headphones every time very same hour I received them. And surprisingly refund comes to me in around 15 to 45 days. Which means for that period eCommerce companies has earned some interest and have not pass on to their customer and enjoying themselves.

There are thousand of such cases everyday, and they are simply cheating to their customers.

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Few vendors are cheating to customers in a different way like, they are importing devices from overseas countries and selling them here by committing about full warranty and support. But their promises are getting failed if customers contacts OEM to verify products warranty.

Experienced customers are taking care a lot while buying any Electronic/Electrical product online and major OEM's of these devices has started taken action against these players. They are warning their customers about their purchase on such websites. Some has started displaying warning on their websites about such eCommerce websites.

It seams Online shopping is at its dead end.

Beware, Compare from local vendors/showrooms and think twice before making any online purchase.

Buy from your local market and let them and their family live.

Good Day !!!

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