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Quick tips to keep you secure online

Malware and Phishing attacks are very common type of attacks these days. There are several ways for these type of attaches to target you. These attacks can be on your computer either through you emails or through any link from internet. However there are some precautions to grant to keep your data and computer safe from these attacks. Here are quick tips to keep you secure online from Malware and Phishing attacks.

Change is inevitable and it's always good to be change, frequently and randomly change your passwords. For example, change your password every 45 days to 60 days, and you password should be mixture of alphabets (small & caps both), numbers and special characters and contains minimum 8 character, the more characters means more secure.

Do not open attachments directly, if you have received a mail and it contains an attachment but is from unknown sender, never ever open that attachment without scanning. If you are not sure about sender then try to identify email id, it will explain it legitimacy. It is best to delete that mail immediately, without opening it.

Now its time to check your English and grammar, don't worry we are not asking a test for us to do. Read your emails very carefully, any marketing email you receive can be a Phishing email and you can easily identify that. Good organizations always proof-read emails before sending to large reader base.

Before click any URL you received in email, read that properly, they definitely have some trick applied on their links, like URL visible on screen and actual URL will be different, you can easily identify that by holding your mouse for 2 seconds over any link and target link will be displayed on footer of your browser you are using or at help tip just below you mouse pointer.

Try to follow these steps to minimize Phishing and Malware attacks and keep you secure online.

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