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Tips to Improve your web design

Don't getting why your visitors exit your website immediately after loading. Is it difficult to force them to stay on your website? Really not, here are few tips in this direction to improve your web design.

First thing you should know that what you are and what you want to represent on your website. Brand name is most important factor here and your logo represents you and your logo. Spare some bucks and invest them in developing professional logo which represents you and your brand.

Position is also main factor, you can place it on left top or right top don't position your logo in center, else it will spoil your header.
Don't forget to link your logo back to your website. This will help your visitors to roam easily on your website. Don't just leave your second part of header blank, use this space for your contact details or for your social links.

To roam you may have two types of navigation systems on your website. Your primary navigation must be on top and horizontal aligned. Try to position it with your logo i.e. if you have your logo placed on left then make your primary menu to align left. Navigation menu can be on top or bottom of header and above page contents, all it depends on your design.

If your design allows then you can also use secondary menu, preferably positioned on left under section known as sidebar. One most important thing which was also suggested in our previous posts, keep your menu short and simple. IF your navigation's are not simple then it will confuse your visitors and will force them to exit from your website.

Graphics are also main factors of your design, but don't just overload your webpage with lots of graphics. As lot of graphics will force your visitors to quit from your website. Use your contents in paragraphs forms, paragraphs should be short and descriptive.

Maintain enough space between your photographs and your text, this is called white space. The more white spaces are bonus for your websites. You need to control it too, more and more white space will also destroy your web design.

In short: Go for a professional logo, make your navigation simple, limit use of graphics and give some room to white space.

These are just few tips, will come back soon with few more tips.

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